North East RadioWatch: July 31, 2000

Of WBTN(AM) and Big Blue Bags...

by Scott Fybush

Finally this week, in a matter partly related to the summer traveling, we're pleased to announce a few changes in the NERW schedule and content.

Beginning with this issue, NERW will move to weekend distribution, sometimes as early as Friday or Saturday, sometimes as late as Sunday night, but with a consistent date of the following Monday. The August 6 NERW will be a very early issue sometime Wednesday night or Thursday, as we prepare to head out on the road. There will be no, repeat no, August 13 NERW. Publication will resume in earnest with the August 20 issue. (Why the new schedule? Blame Mrs. NERW's new schedule at work...)

Also beginning with this issue, we're pleased to offer a new feature to close out each week's edition: The Boston Radio Archives/NERW Northeast TV Stock Index. NERW research director Garrett Wollman has been working hard on this feature, in which he'll index the stocks of the publicly-traded companies that own TV stations in our coverage area. A radio index could follow if there's interest, and if we can find a way to weight the index appropriately. Ideas will be welcomed by Garrett at <>; direct comments on the TV index to him there as well.

So with that in mind, we leave you for now with this week's TV index. (Think of it as our version of the closing theme ramping up as the host says goodbye for now, if it helps!) We'll see you (briefly) later this week...

As of market close, July 28, 2000
NERW's Northeast Television Index 104.52

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