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24 October 2015:
A couple of small changes to the Where Am I? application, reflecting the fact that Google Maps will no longer display KML files on any platform: there is now a direct download link to get the KML file (which we were generating all along, but had no easy way to do anything with outside of Google Maps), and in addition, all of the geographical coordinates in the application list are linked as geo: URIs, which Google Maps for Android will intercept and display for you. Neither of these are quite as good as what we had before, but it's at least something!
16 March 2014:
Updated timeline entries for the 1940s through mid-1946.
8 July 2012:
Updated station profiles: WCRB and WODS. The 1940s timeline has been updated through mid-July, 1944.
17 May 2012:
New photo gallery: San Francisco Bay Area, May, 2012

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