North East RadioWatch: April 16, 1999

Raleigh Retires, Bruds Cuts Back Hours at WBZ

by Scott Fybush

We continue to receive inquiries about how to join the NERW mailing list, as well as queries about the delay in NERW's appearance on the Boston Radio Archives Web site. Here's how to make sure you receive NERW the moment it's published:

The Web site is the archive site for NERW. Issues are posted here, depending on the maintainers' workloads, anywhere from two days to two weeks after publication.

The only way to receive NERW as soon as it's published (late Friday night, Eastern time) is to join the free mailing list. Here's how:

Send e-mail to <> with the word subscribe as the body of the message. You'll receive a reply telling you how to confirm your subscription. You must use the correct <> address; subscription requests to any other address cannot be honored.

That's it for another week; see you next Friday!

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