North East RadioWatch: March 26, 1999

Standards Return to New York

by Scott Fybush

We'd like to welcome everyone who's joined us in the last few months. Many of you have written in to find out how to get on our mailing list and recieve NERW the minute it's published. Here's how:

Send e-mail to <> with the word subscribe (and nothing else) in the body of the message. A robot will respond with further instructions necessary to complete your subscription.

That's it. It's that simple. Mail to any other address, in particular <>, will not get you on the mailing list. You must follow this very simple automated process.

Archives of past NERWs are available, as always, at the Boston Radio Archives.

We always welcome correspondence from our readers; if it's about NERW, address it to <>, if it's about the Archives, send it to the editors at <>.

We hope these simple guidelines will help increase your enjoyment of NERW. Thanks for reading!

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