North East RadioWatch: June 30, 1998

There's No Place Like Home

by Scott Fybush

So here's how the Great Radio Trip of '98 wound down...

Saturday morning began with a distinctly non-radio event, as your editor indulged another hobby interest with a tour of the Royal Canadian Mint in Ottawa.

Returning to form, we walked over to the York Street studios of CHEZ (106.1) for a guided tour from production guru Craig Jackman. CHEZ just recently moved into its new digs in a converted grocery warehouse, and it's a really nice place, largely arranged in an open plan (no walls around the newsroom or engineering areas, for instance). A stop at a used bookstore around the corner also turned up some Canadian gems for the NERW bookshelf, including books by CBC stars Barbara Frum and Knowlton Nash.

After lunch, it was back on the road, stopping at studio locations on the Quebec side in Hull (CIMF and CHOT/CFGS in the same industrial park) and Gatineau (CKTF, which now shares space with CJRC in a building adjacent to the big shopping mall there).

Recrossing the river, we passed several more studios, including the CBC's TV operations in a residential neighborhood on Lanark Avenue and the CJOH/CKQB complex on Merivale Road, before turning south at day's end.

Time allowed us only a handful of additional stops: a failed attempt to get close to the CJRC (1150) transmitter, a stop at the CFRA (580) array on Highway 16 south of the city, and then the long drive down the 401, over the Thousand Islands Bridge, and into Watertown, where we made the last stop at public TV WNPE (Channel 16) on Arsenal Street.

And from there it was dinner and another hour or so south to Syracuse, where our long journey came to a close some three thousand miles from its start.

Coming soon: A market-by-market summary of what we saw, heard, loved, hated, and wondered about during the trip...stay tuned.

And now on to the week's other news:

And that's it for this NERW; coming Thursday, some stray bits of news and our thoughts on The Big Trip. See you then!

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