North East RadioWatch: May 30, 1998


by Scott Fybush

A few quick notes from our Midwest journey of last weekend:

Jacor is really "Mix"-ing it up across Ohio. We heard the same "80s, 90s, and 70s" format on WMVX (106.5 Cleveland), WMTX (102.7 Sandusky, ex-WCPZ), and WMLX (103.3 St. Marys-Lima) that we hear at home on WVOR (100.5 Rochester). WVOR and WMVX have both gotten mentions in their local newspapers for the "Win $5,000" contest that ALL the Mix-es are running...without making it really clear to listeners that the $5,000 winner each day could be anywhere from Rochester to Des Moines.

The WCPZ calls, by the way, have landed on 100.9 in Clyde OH, ex-WNCG.

It's definitely prime FM DX season; we were hearing trops from Detroit as we headed down to Akron, with Motor City outlets like WGPR 107.5 booming in. In the morning, upstate New York FMs like WWSE 93.3 Jamestown (not to mention WRRN 92.3 Warren PA) were overwhelming semi-local co-channels from Cleveland Heights and Youngstown.

We had a nice visit with the DX Audio Service's Fred Vobbe at WLIO-TV (Channel 35) in Lima, Ohio. That market has been built up considerably in recent years, although about half of it is Jacor-owned.

Over in Fort Wayne, WEJE (96.3 Churubusco) has ditched the "Edge" for "Extreme 96.3," while "Star 94.1," WYSR Roanoke, is now being simulcast on co-owned WGL-FM (102.3 Auburn).

Are you a NERW reader in Maine, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, or Quebec? Now's your chance to get in touch with us as we finalize plans for next month's NERW "field trip," as we head from Boston up the coast of Maine, and then across New Brunswick, on to (and then off of) PEI, up through Aroostook County, Maine, and then back home through Quebec, Montreal, and Ottawa.

We always enjoy meeting our correspondents in person (especially when it includes a station visit)...and we're already making plans to see several of you en route. Drop us a line if we haven't heard from you already, and we'll add you to the itinerary.

NERW will not publish a regular issue on June 25; instead, we'll be publishing trip updates every day or so from the road June 19-27.

And that's it for another week of NERW. Thanks to everyone who wrote in about the delay in this week's issue; there was a death in the family earlier in the week, right on the heels of the Midwest trip, leaving exactly no time for a Thursday issue. All is well now, and we'll be back with another action-packed edition next Thursday. -=Scott Fybush - NorthEast Radio Watch - (c) 1998=-

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