North East RadioWatch: January 12, 1998

Ice Storm EXTRA

by Scott Fybush

Much of the upper Northeast remains paralyzed by the Ice Storm of '98, with hundreds of thousands of people on both sides of the border without power or heat. The storm has taken a major toll on the region's broadcast facilities. NERW's correspondents across the area have been checking in throughout the weekend with updates, and here's what things look like for the broadcasters of the Northeast as of Monday evening, starting with the areas that have suffered the most damage:

That's a preliminary report on the storm's effect up here. NERW thanks its correspondents across the region, especially Ed Brouder in New Hampshire, Sid Whitaker and Dan Billings in Maine, Roger Kirk, Larry Weil, Dennis Jackson, Ronald Holmes, and Kevin Vahey. Some Canadian information comes from an excellent page just set up in Ottawa, with daily updates on the state of storm damage to radio up there.

If you live in a storm-damaged area, NERW welcomes your reports on the state of your local broadcast facilities. We'll update this story on Thursday, or sooner if conditions warrant.

And of course our thoughts are with all the hundreds of thousands of people without power, water, phones, or gas, and the tens of thousands of workers from all over the area who are trying to get things back to normal up there as quickly as possible. We wish them all the best of luck.

We'll see you Thursday.

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