North East RadioWatch: January 26, 1997

Back From the Dead...

by Scott Fybush

Welcome to the first edition of "NorthEast Radio Watcher." If this looks and sounds familiar to you, it should. NorthEast Radio Watcher (aka NERW) is the successor to "New England Radio Watcher" (coincidentally enough, also aka NERW), which for the last few years has attempted to chronicle the ups and downs of broadcasting in the six New England states and vicinity. The new NERW will maintain that mission -- but in keeping with our relocation to a new home base in Rochester NY, we'll also be including news and notes from across upstate New York. No need to panic; with any luck, the only thing you'll notice will be somewhat infrequent posts for the next six weeks or so as we relocate.

You'll still find NERW in all the usual places -- posted on the Boston Radio Archives web site, on AIRWAVES Journal, and in the newsgroup, as well as on the Boston Radio Interest and NERW mailing lists (see the web site for info), and on the wall at fine radio stations like WJYY, Concord NH :-)

Our thanks, by the way, to the many folks in and out of New England who have sent us kind words over the last week or so. NERW is produced entirely as a labor of love, and your compliments mean a lot.

And with that, on with the all-new, completely-changed, same- as-it-ever-was NERW:

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