North East RadioWatch: December 30, 2002

WAWZ Wakes Up

by Scott Fybush

In this issue:

LATE UPDATE: The last big radio story of 2002 turns out to be the sale of Big City's four 107.1 signals covering most of the New York suburbs. The buyer, announced early on the morning of New Year's Eve, is Nassau -- already a big player in those suburban areas. Nassau will pay $43 million for WYNY (107.1 Briarcliff Manor) in Westchester County (where Nassau tried to buy many of the stations that are now in the Cumulus cluster about two years ago), WWXY (107.1 Hampton Bays) at the tip of Long Island (where Nassau owns nothing), WWYY (107.1 Belvidere NJ) serving the Poconos (where Nassau already has a base with WSBG/WVPO/WILT) and WWZY (107.1 Long Branch NJ) on the Jersey Shore. NERW expects a couple of the stations to be spun....

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