North East RadioWatch: March 11, 2002

WBPX Plans a Surprise Move

by Scott Fybush

We're back, after two whirlwind weeks of travel around the Midwest and down south, and look at everything that happened while we were away...

We'll finish up with some TV news from around the region: dozens of stations have told the FCC they won't meet this spring's deadline to put digital signals on the air, and have asked for extensions of time. Here's the list by market; asterisks indicate waiver requests that have already been granted:

We don't expect that this list is complete; there are certainly plenty of stations not listed here that are unlikely to meet the deadlines, and we suspect there are more applications working their way through the Commission. We'll update it as needed in the weeks to come.

And that's it for this double issue, as we return to our usual schedule here at NERW. We'll be back on track with Tower Site of the Week this Wednesday as well, as we visit Los Angeles - and we'll see you back here next week!

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