North East RadioWatch: November 12, 2001

Montreal Gets X-Bander

by Scott Fybush

That's it for another week...

If you've been keeping track, you might have noticed that this week marks our first anniversary of publication here at (on the heels of more than six years of publication on a variety of mailing lists, newsgroups and the Boston Radio Archives).

We're grateful for all the support you've shown us in our attempt to make this column self-sustaining, and we're pleased to report that there's still a roof over our heads, gas in the tank of the NERW-mobile, and even a new computer sitting on the desk here at NERW Central waiting to be hooked up and configured.

But we can't do it without your help, so if it's been a year now since you've made a contribution - or if you're one of the many NERW readers who still thinks we can somehow do this for free (remember, our editorial staff of one left the world of full-time employment last year to devote more time to this endeavor) - now's the time to visit our Support page ( and renew your support for the only column in the world that does what we do.

Thanks again for your support over the past year; we look forward to another exciting year of radio and TV coverage here in NERW-land, and your contributions to make that possible.

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