North East RadioWatch: October 22, 2001

by Scott Fybush

A short column this week, in part due to a slow week (you don't suppose the nation had something else on its mind, do you?) and in part because we're busy getting the Tower Site 2002 Calendar ready for your holiday enjoyment (more on that in a bit). So what is going on?

That's it for this week...stay tuned (and be patient with us) next week, when, if all goes well, will be coming to you from a new, more reliable ISP. Please remember to change any bookmarks that point to our old "" address to "," the domain that will stay in use as we move from the once-great Software Tool and Die in Brookline, Mass. to the still-pretty-good Pair Networks in Pittsburgh. We hope you'll bear with us as we move to our new host; see you over there!

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