North East RadioWatch: July 17, 2001

CTV Adds Montreal to O&O Roster

by Scott Fybush

We're back on our usual Monday schedule (with only two gaps coming up for the remainder of the summer - but more on that shortly), only to find that it was a pretty quiet week out there in Northeast broadcast-land. Here's how it looked from NERW Central:

That's it for this week's news; we'll be back next Monday with more, and we hope to get the first installment of The Big Travelogue up and running on Tower Site of the Week in a couple of days as well. Our thanks to those of you who've been so generous of late in your support of NERW -- and to the rest of you, this reminder:

We received quite a bit of e-mail during our absence wondering where NERW was, and oddly enough, almost none of those correspondents were among the many of you who have responded to our appeals for financial support. I hate begging almost as much as you probably hate reading these appeals - but remember: this column doesn't happen by magic, and it doesn't happen for free. If you began reading NERW before our big move to, you already know that your editor left a full-time occupation to focus on NERW and other freelance pursuits, and if you've picked up a business page in the last 10 months or so, you know that the timing couldn't have been much worse.

The bottom line here? I don't want to convert NERW to a subscription-only system, and I certainly don't want to have to stop bringing all of you (more than 4,000 of you every week, generating more than 50,000 hits a week at the latest news from across the region - but your support is urgently needed.

If you value the news you get here at NERW, please take a moment to visit the Support page at ( and see how you can help out. Even if you can't afford our suggested annual contributions, any amount helps. (If every reader of NERW paid $10 a year, I could do this full-time...imagine that!)

If you have a product or a service you'd like to share with the region's broadcast community, please contact me about underwriting. No other medium reaches so targeted an audience of Northeast radio and TV general managers, PDs, CEs and group owners, at rates that just might surprise you.

And if you've already shown your support for NERW over the last nine months or so: thank you.

We'll be back next week with much more news, and we'll be back again July 30 with more. As noted at the beginning of this week's edition, there will be no August 6 issue (we'll be in sunny Southern California!), but we'll be back after that, straight through to the NAB Radio Show in New Orleans September 5-7, complete with daily updates on

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