North East RadioWatch: January 8, 2001

FM Flip-Flop in the Pioneer Valley

by Scott Fybush

Finally this week, a quick update on where things stand here at NERW and as we enter our first full year as a fully independent operation:

First, some good news: there's a lot coming to NERW and in 2001. If you haven't checked out the "Tower Site of the Week," you're missing out on a page that's becoming a weekly stop for thousands of radio fans. This past week, we began a series of visits to New York City's AM sites; starting January 10, you'll get a look inside the home of Toronto's new (and old) 740 AM. The Year in Review page will remain up on all year, and we're now posting your responses to this year's Rant. If you haven't chimed in to this discussion of radio's future, what are you waiting for? (Soon, this will evolve into a full-fledged Mailbag page...stay tuned!)

NERW will grow geographically this year, too. We've been sniffing around the edges of Pennsylvania and New Jersey for the last few years, and now we're jumping in with both feet. There are already excellent sites focusing on Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, but we believe there's room for more news from places like Erie, Du Bois, Williamsport, Scranton, and Morristown -- so you'll find it all on NERW in 2001.

This week's Web version of NERW is the first to contain audio clips, but it won't be the last. In 2001, we hope to offer regular weekly audio bites to our readers at, along with the photos, logos, and other enhancements that we've been providing in the HTML version of the column.

For those of you reading NERW on the mailing list: it's not going away, I promise. Many of you have expressed a strong desire to continue receiving NERW as plain-text e-mail, and we listened. But if you haven't checked out NERW at, please come visit; I hope you'll like what you find. (And if you read NERW at the Archives site,, you're missing out on each week's fresh column until it's a week old! Come over to and check it out...)

Speaking of the Archives: there's much more in store there as well. Garrett Wollman and I are working to add content to the site, including new station and market histories, updated technical information, an archive of Tower Site of the Week, and more to come. The Archives site is designed to go hand in hand with (or perhaps that should be the other way around), so be sure to make both a part of your weekly Web diet.

Now the bad news: All these developments depend on you, the readers. This is a tough time for content-based Web sites (just ask the folks at, not to mention the market as a whole. Even so, I've been pleasantly surprised at the dozens of you who responded to my initial plea for voluntary contributions to keep NERW coming each week. To those of you who have already contributed, my most sincere thanks and appreciation.

To those of you who haven't: Your support matters. The site is now registering close to 30,000 hits a week, along with thousands of NERW page views at and hundreds of you on the mailing list. That means, by my math, that perhaps one in 100 NERW readers is donating -- and that's not enough!

Please visit <> to learn more about why your support matters, and how you can help. In addition to subscriptions, we're looking for in-kind donations (especially a used Pentium laptop to help us keep NERW coming during this summer's travels) and, especially, advertisers! Inquire about our low charter rates, won't you?

Enough with the sales pitch; we'll be back in seven days with much more radio news from around the region. See you then!

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