North East RadioWatch: January 7, 2000

Citadel Bulks Up in Worcester

by Scott Fybush

Before we leap into a new year's news, a word of thanks to all of you who responded so energetically to last week's Rant. It's nice indeed to know that I'm not the only one who still remembers radio. The question we'll try to begin answering this year is: what can we all do to save the medium we love?

Finally this week, our best wishes to Pat Townson, the interim moderator of (and longtime moderator of Telecom Digest). We hear he's recovering from the stroke he suffered around Thanksgiving, and we're looking forward to his imminent return to the Net.

That's it for the first week of 2000. We'll be on an irregular schedule for the remainder of January as we head off to Northern and Central California to bask in the RF glory of KPIG, KOTR, and their ilk. Expect a brief NERW Update later this week, then a late NERW on or around Sunday, January 23.

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